Leaky Car? Have Our Experts Take a Look!

Leaky Car? Have Our Experts Take a Look!

Trusted BMW Transmission Repair in Brampton

Two of the most critical components in your BMW that contribute to its performance and power are the engine and the transmission. These two systems work hand-in-hand to ensure your BMW delivers a safe and smooth ride every time you get behind the wheel. However, as with every other part of your car, your transmission can experience wear and tear. If you think your import vehicle has a problem, it’s essential to book an appointment with a transmission repair specialist as soon as possible.

But is it safe to drive a BMW with transmission issues? How about one that has a transmission fluid leak? The auto repair experts at Auto Select Tuning in Brampton, Ontario, are here to explain.

Is My BMW Leaking Transmission Fluid?

Your BMW will give you a heads up if something’s amiss. Some signs that your transmission is leaking include:

  • Dashboard warning light: If an indicator pops up on your dash, your car has detected a potential problem. Consult your owner’s manual to learn more.
  • Pavement puddles: Have you recently noticed a leak under your parked car? If you notice dark puddles on the pavement under your BMW, book a service appointment right away.
  • Weird sounds and smells: If you notice a clunking sound coming from the front end of your BMW or smell a burning odor, you might have a transmission leak.
  • Acceleration problems: If your BMW’s usual power is lacking or it’s not accelerating normally, your transmission might be having trouble switching gears.

Is it Safe to Drive My Leaky BMW?

While it’s not downright dangerous to drive a BMW with a leaking transmission, we don’t recommend doing it. Driving any car with a faulty transmission can cause catastrophic engine damage. As soon as you notice any of the symptoms above, book an appointment with a transmission repair technician now.

Get Your BMW Back on Track

If your transmission is leaking, call the BMW automotive repair experts at Auto Select Tuning in Brampton, Ontario today at (905) 453-4400. We’ll get your vehicle road-ready once again.

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